By 1st Choice BHL on June 23, 2021

Houses for Rent in Fredericksburg VA -Recommendations for Nova Renters

Discover the 2021 renter's market trends and our recommendations for Northern Virginia Renters.

Increasingly, we are seeing landlords list their investment properties for sale. This is “pushing” renters into the market.

Right now...

we have 12 rental homes on the market in the City of Fredericksburg and the county of Stafford. 

  • We have 7 houses for rent in Fredericksburg VA.
  • Houses for rent in Stafford VA - 5
  • Most have at least 2 bedrooms and 3 baths.
  • Many are either considering pets on a case-by-case basis (aka only allowing smaller dogs) or no pets allowed.
  • The minimum rent price is $1,200. The max is $2,800.

In terms of home styles...

  • there are 2 1-bedroom homes,
  • 3 2-bedroom homes,
  • 3 3-bedroom homes,
  • 3 4-bedroom homes,
  • and 1 5-bedroom home.

What are the realities for renters?

  • Renters must have Excellent Credit to have a chance at having their application approved. It is becoming standard practice for applicants with 750+ credit scores to offer a year's rent in advance to be approved.
  • Renters are offering more than the listed rent to have a chance.
  • They are incredibly discouraged by the current rental market.
  • They are anxious about their prospects of finding and being approved to rent a home.

1st Choice's Recommendations for Renters

  • If your current housing situation is safe and your landlord has not given you notice, consider staying where you are for another year.
  • Houses for rent in Fredericksburg Va are sparse, but available. If you're vigilant, you can find a home to rent. Our recommendation is to consider buying, especially now that interest rates have been put on ice once again.

QUIZ: Are you ready to buy?

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Published by 1st Choice BHL June 23, 2021